Left Coast Marketing is an independent sales and marketing organization representing select Manufactures throughout the Pacific Northwest. The company was founded in 2004 and has had great success in acquiring high caliber lines and forging new and highly professional relationships in the territory.

Left Coast Marketingís core operating principal is very simple: Exceed Expectations! Easy words to say but what do they really mean? Simply put, we are a service provider, and as such our business partners place their trust in us to help them manage and grow their business. This is as true for the manufacturers that we represent as it is for the dealers and contractors that we service.

Exceeding Expectations as a core value is challenging because expectations vary from client to client. Itís our experience, however, that all customers share certain basic and core-level expectations. Things like efficiency, accuracy, and follow through are all expectations that are placed on the business systems of a company. Similarly honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic are expectations that are placed on the people of an organization. Left Coast Marketing maintains a superior focus in both of these areas. Business excellence is achieved as a result of 15 years of high-level business expertise and a laser like focus on business systems and process. The personal standards set for our work ethics and personal conduct are simply non-negotiable. We demand these standards from ourselves, from one another and we invite our partners to remind us of this pledge if ever we falter.


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